Silk Bonsai-bedroom decor

A bedroom styled after the sleeping quarters of an Asian abode nearly guarantees you night after night of peaceful rest. Perhaps that is why it is such a popular scheme in the western world today. These bedrooms are about minimalism, texture, and soft light, along with natural elements like silk bonsai and bamboo—even silk orchids for a splash of color. To maintain neutrality, bright colors should be kept to a minimum. Instead, favor softer tones, such as creams, grays, and pastels. A low-to-the-ground bed, with either no headboard or one of sleek design, works well. It’s all about sleek design.

The way you accessorize your Asian-esque bedroom has a huge impact on your overall results. A silk bonsai on a bureau or night stand, for example, blends perfectly with this sort of understated dГ©cor. Choose a silk bonsai in a low-profile planter, preferably in an earth-tone finish, for an effect that is both striking and natural.

As you decorate your bedroom, choose wall art of natural construction in geometric shapes. Hard lines are characteristic of Eastern dГ©cor, just like a silk bonsai plant. Also, room dividers are a quintessential part of this dГ©cor, as are floral print motifs. Add a few square or rectangular candles to different display points throughout the room. For a truly ethnic flavor, hang a haiku tapestry on one of your bedroom walls, or arrange Buddhist statues and other religious artifacts on a dresser or window sill.

You should literally drape your entire room in items that are complementary to Asian décor. This means placing bamboo mats on the floor—perfect for stretching and meditation—using teak furniture and bamboo blinds.

These natural accents will tie everything—linens, colors, bonsai, wall art and more—together, making one cohesive picture.

Looking to add a few more touches to your Asia-inspired bedroom?  If you crave natural accessories, do not stop with bonsai and bamboo blinds. You can also display bamboo plants or small palm trees. Choose a palm species that is native to Asia, like the raphis palm. Or, how about a tranquil water feature? A tabletop fountain that runs on electricity will do just fine. Choose one with natural accents like rocks and gravel. The sound of running water brings a sense of freshness to indoor space like you have never experience until you’ve owned one.

By now you should have all the inspiration you need to begin renovating your bedroom into a space worthy of a five-star hotel in Tokyo. Enjoy planning, refurbishing and accessorizing!