Bonsai Looks

Often we like the look of a bonsai tree but we assume that it will be difficult or to look after it will take up too much time. The truth is that you can obtain a bonsai really easily from a wide variety of sources and as long as you choose the right one, they take very little upkeep at all.

If you are new to keeping bonsai, you should seek advice as to the best varieties available for you. Often one species will be much easier to maintain than another, or have more suitable requirements that you are able to provide without a great deal of change on your part.

Don't worry about buying the wrong kind though because there are a lot of informational resources that can help you get the information that you need. In fact if you contact a company that sells these they are likely to be able to recommend a type for you depending on your needs.

If you simply like the look of a particular type of bonsai, then by all means purchase that tree, but you should research the care requirements for that tree before purchase.

Many people purchase bonsai for themselves to enjoy, many people collect bonsai and exhibit them much like works of art, at bonsai shows around the world. Others may purchase a bonsai as a gift for a friend or relative, and in this instance they make perfect presents. Don't forget to provide care information with the bonsai when you give it as a present!

There are many bonsai nurseries the world over, all of which provide a good level of care and advice for their trees that they sell. Many nurseries offer a mail order or internet shop, making the purchase of these bonsai as convenient as possible for you. They will usually have pictures of the individual trees, and many are more than happy to oblige with additional pictures if required.

In this video I get to work. I show how to deal with a root bound tree, transfer a tree from a nursery pot and separate a Brazilian Rain tree air layer
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